I probably should not do this but this needs to be put in the public domain. I have been working as a Centrelink agent for over 2 years and I am extremely concerned about a worrying trend. In the last 2 weeks I have had 4 parents of children under 5 (2 of them indigenous elders) attend the office to report that their parenting payment was not paid as expected. This was because they have been put on the 'Parents Next' program and they did not answer a phone call. It was alleged by Centrelink that letters had been posted out to them informing them of this phone appointment. All of them deny receiving these letters. The punishment is that a payment, crucial to a young families well being, is unexpectedly suspended. This is particularly egregious in a region of poor mobile phone reception. It appear as nothing less than a targeted, ideological driven attack on single parents. Beware.