Project to elucidate the interplay between ecosystem, climatic and economic-industrial forces. 


There is a clear and well researched, though not fully described, link between the climate and the biotic component of the earth. The connection that these two components have to eip is less weell understood, although we certainly know that rising co2 from unrestrained and unsustainable eip growth is driving climate change. It is in typical human fashion, an inherent danger to misunderstand a process because of a misplaced or poorly understood abstraction of these components into their discrete entities; 'ecology' 'climate' and 'political-economic -  industrial-'. Of course how else are we to understand, and communicate our insights into this panorama.  To break it down into components and actions we end up with useful but not complete diagrams, tha encapsulate al possible connections over a specified period of timethe   like the following with six one way or three 2 way connections. 

         climate  eco   eip

 If we consider that actions flow along these connections we could draw a state diagram at each unit of time. This is contrasted with the structure diagram which is static.  We show the connections between each component as a two way arrow, but in our state diagram we need to include the flow of time, so with each quanta of time we have an event. It has to be metioned that when we attempt to quantize time we need to consider that in our day to day experience of time this is not so. ther is no subjectie unit of time. for example the time we are asleep (or the time we are late for a meeting!) subjectively pass much quicker than the time we a re waitinfg fora train. Similarly when we are studying events in the real world we need to 'frame' our time domain  do n  This is an actionthat occurs between two components. It has to be said that it becomes very difficult to model and understand our three component system if we allow action to occur 'simultaneously'.

I use quotations to indicate that if we take in to account, as a consequence of special relativity seperate observors will disagree on the timing of events we can safely asume event 

Each of the three components have a twoway connection between each of the other two components. Thus we have 





the driver of the Anthropocene is EI (economic industrial) forcing C (climate) limiting (perturbing) ES (ecosystem)


Te collective impact of humans on the planet has been driven by the evolutionary success a component of ES (primates eg humans)  to be able to utilise the characteristic of intelligence as a selector for fitness. 


Is EI an emergent system?

Using data from IUCN, NASA? BOM regional weather and climate agencies...

How to select an unbiased data space?




platform tools ..python, database, information harvester

architecture .. dedicated server, autobackup, time series?? 

Gather data from industrial production measurments (eg Gross domestic) to estimate the  global value of economic production relative to the available entropic. eg the information content of the economoney compared to that of the biology.     

evaluating cost/benefit  in relation to risk / consequence