The guitar is a difficult instrument and requires significant dedication, time and effort, to master. Life being life, time being finite my abilities limited and my distractions many, I admit I am a long way from mastering this instrument. Consequently the following interpretations are imperfect but, I hope, still worthwhile. 

Technical note; These are not studio recordings! They were, by enlarge, recorded in single takes with minimal editing. I used an Admira guitar with an inbuilt ceramic pickup, Fishman preamp, 'Audio Kontrol' interface plugged into my laptop running Cubase. I've added tasteful (I hope!) reverb and EQ to compensate for the lack of acoustic ambience. And, of course, they have been squeezed into mp3.

Torre Bermaja - Isaac Albeniz

This piece was originally written for piano and has been transcribed for guitar by Miguel Llobel. The title means 'Purple Tower' and it is believed to refer to a defensive structure constructed during the Spanish War of Independence in the province of Cadiz. Albeniz (1860-1909) was a Spanish composer and pianist. Most of his works were composed for piano, but many, including the well known Austurius, have been transcribed for guitar. Albeniz was a child prodigy who gave his first performance at age 4. By age 15 he had given concerts world wide. As well as Spain he lived in France Germany and London. In his forties he suffered ill health and died at age 48 in France. 

Chacone in D minor - J.S. Bach

This piece was original written as part of a partita for solo violin. This version is from a transcription by Andres Segovia. It basically consist of variations of a simple theme. It has been described by many as one of the greatest pieces of music written for solo instruments. Bach (1685 -1750) was a prolific German composer of the Baroque era. Very little is known about Bach's life. His parents died when he was young and for most of his life he lived in poverty. He bore 10 children, four of his sons becoming respected composers.  It was not until composers like Mozart and Beethoven rediscovered his music, after his death that he achieved wide spread recognition for the great works he created.

Prelude from Suite in E minor - J.S. Bach

Like much of Bach's music this prelude is highly contrapuntal with several melodic lines moving in different directions, weaving complex harmonies and producing a sense of movement, tension and resolution. The basic building blocks are relatively simple that when played by themselves can sound simple or trite. Bachs great gift was to create hugely complex, intriguing and profound music out of these simple building blocks. This prelude, original written for solo lute, also appears as multi instrumental work as part of a cantata, orchestrated with pipe organ, reeds, brass and percussion.

Classical Gas - Mason Williams

Folk Song - Anon.

Leyanda -Isaac Albanez