Introduction to Web Development. 1 X 2hr workshop

The first steps for the novice web designer are often the hardest. Faced with a bewildering array of platforms and technologies its all to common to find the technologies you have chosen are too complex or do not provide what you require. Exactly what collection of technologies you choose will depend on many things, including the time and money you want to invest, the scale and objective of the site and the audience it is aimed at.  This workshop will take you through the major alternatives for building a website. From the simplest web platforms, that allow you to get a web site up and running in a few minutes to more complex alternatives that allow feature rich, customized sites. We will discuss the pros and cons of each strategy. We will also look at two of the major content managment systems, Wordpress and Joomla and discuss some of their features and lay the groundwork for creating your website. No particular skills or knowledge are required apart from basic operation of a PC.