Securing Your PC

1 X 2hr workshop

Connecting your computer to the internet, plugging in a thumb drive or having insecure network settings are all ways you and your computer can be compromised.   The data loss, computer crashes, glitches and persistant adware are the usual consequences of a computer virus. However an infected or insecure computer can too easily lead to fraud or identity theft, and these can have devestating effects on peoples lives.

This workshop will look at a few simple precations that you can take to protect yourself from these threats. We will look at how malware and viruses are transmittied, and the tricks, such as social engineering, that they use to install themselves on your computer. We will look at the role social media plays as a risk factor, and how to set up your accounts to minimize this risk. We will discuss how to recognize the early symptoms and how to recover from an infection.